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Nestor's services are provided in six steps to achieve an integral design solution that reflects the Client’s preferences for environment and lifestyle.


First Step - 

Meeting with the Client to determine the scope of the project for the Client’s home or business.


Second Step -

Submitting the contract, specifying the design services to be provided with general contract conditions and an estimated design fee based upon an hourly rate of  $150.00 per hour.  After the Client’s approval of the contract, a fee retainer will be required. The fee retainer is determined by the size of the project. The fee retainer will  be applied as payment to the final billing on the project after the Sixth Step has been completed


Third Step –

Presentation of the design solution for Client’s approval. The solution consists of a floor plan, architectural changes, if required, a color scheme, flooring materials, window treatments, furniture selection, fabric selection, lighting selection and selection of recommended accessories such as fine art, decorative items, dishes, crystal and linen.


Fourth Step -

Purchasing of furnishings and decorative items after the Client has approved the design solution: Any purchases requested by the Client will be paid by the client directly to any participating showrooms, furniture stores and / or manufacturers, including sales  tax and shipping as required.iA  Aaa

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Alternatively, the services of an independent purchasing agent may also be available  as needed.


Fifth Step -

To ensure the integrity of the design solution, Nestor reserves the right to act as an agent on behalf of the Client, to monitor the purchasing process and to oversee the progress of the work at the job site, as required.


Sixth Step -

This is the last step and is by far the most important. Nestor will be present at the time of installation of all furnishings and accessories, including art pieces and other decorative items. The goal is to ensure that the process conforms to the design solution and that the installation is conducted in a professional and timely manner.

The fees for the Fifth and Sixth Steps will be provided at the hourly rate of $150.00 per hour.